world biggest movie star shahrukh khan

hey there welcome to the our blog here we are sharing entertainment news and i hope you will enjoy it. here i am talking about shahrukhkhan also known as a srk and king khan. this star belongs to the india but people knows his name to country india because he gives many blockbuster.

he have biggest fan following more than india. but in india this joke is very famous ” ghar ki murgi daal barabar” 50% indians hate srk because he said about his safety in india and people said him terrorist. but after that world always with shahrukh khan take the fever of shahrukh khan.

world biggest movie star shahrukh khan


shahrukh khan only indians who have second richest actor in the world. in top 10 no on indian actors are available.ALSO out of india all countries respect shahrukh khan. he have kkr (kolkata knight riders) ipl team and also have an mannat in dubai plus many properties.

little biography of shahrukh khan king khan srk

he becomes a most reach actor by own hard work. after his mom and dad death he comes in mumbai and that time he have only 20 indian rupees but now? you know about it.

shahrukh khan last not doing very well in box office so people start trolling him. anyway keep visiting for more information.


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